At the heart of innovation is the social challenge..

We create solutions, test them with our target groups and sustainably establish the most effective ones in the long term. Before each innovation process, we define the problem and invite the target group that will benefit most from a new solution.

The first Ideation Lab 2022 finds
a solution in the field of education.

Our goal:

To develop a new impact venture that will help
make teaching the dream job of the future.
A new impact venture that shows what
change is possible.A new impact venture that,
at best, acts as a lighthouse project for others.

The Ideation Lab 2022 takes up the following challenge:

Dream job as a teacher?

One thing is certain: teachers shape future generations and thus have one of the most responsible professions of all!

Why do too few high school graduates choose a career as a teacher and how do we manage to recruit the right people as teachers?

How can the teaching profession become the dream job of the future?

For the first Ideation Lab, the MEGA Bildungsstiftung and the Sinnbildungsstiftung are our lead partners.

Our 5-step process

Immersing in the challenge

Involving stakeholders

Design thinking

Challenging the ideas together

Creating the new
Impact Venture

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Dream job as a teacher?! Our Ideation Lab Booklet is based on 15 expert interviews and summarizes extensive research on the status quo of the teaching profession, opportunities and obstacles.

Immersing in the challenge

Based on research and expert interviews, the wirkt. team defines a social challenge to find a solution for. Suggestions are always welcome!

Involving stakeholders

In order to achieve a meaningful mapping of the problem, wirkt. invites relevant stakeholders who relate to the issue in different ways to join the discussion.

Design thinking

In a total of around 10 hours of ‘design thinking’ sessions, the stakeholder team works on innovative ideas that contribute to solving the problem.

Challenging the ideas together

In the next step, we present the developed ideas to experts from the field and discuss them together.

Creating the new Impact Venture

As soon as an idea is fully developed, a new Impact Venture is founded in the Social Innovation Studio and financed by wirkt. during the test phase. From there, the Impact Venture is established, managed, and further developed by resident Impact entrepreneurs.

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