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About us

wirkt. is a steadily growing portfolio of impact ventures. Positive change and an opportunity-filled future are our goals. We create solutions, put them to the test and sustainably embed the most effective ones. In doing so, our impact ventures build on existing resources and on many years of expertise to concentrate fully on making an impact. That’s how we expand the impact we have in society.

From problems
to ideas,
to solutions,
to new Impact Ventures.

Impact Ventures

Each impact venture has its own mission and vision. Whether in education, inclusion or sustainability – creating positive change unites all wirkt. ventures. There are currently four impact ventures at wirkt.

Venture Studio

All wirkt. Ventures are supported in their work by the Social Innovation Studio in finding a social business model, funding projects, or providing IT or HR services. They are part of the wirkt. Social Innovation GmbH (nonprofit).

Ideation Lab

Creating new impact ventures is the goal of the Ideation Lab. To find sustainable solutions, we follow a 5-step innovation process. It is important for us to involve all target groups with their expertise.

There are currently four impact ventures at wirkt.

Since 2016, MTOP has been bringing highly qualified people with a refugee and migration background together with compatible companies on the Austrian labour market. So far, more than 400 participants have completed the programme and 65% have found a fitting job afterwards. Within the framework of this “win-win situation”, the programme shows the diverse possibilities of integration and, thus, combats prejudice.

LANA serves as a network of strong women in different circumstances and from different cultural backgrounds. LANA offers space for inclusion, knowledge exchange and new perspectives. So far, almost 50 women have participated in LANA.

Through events and activities, LANA provides strategic moments that foster an equal opportunity and diverse society.

The Culture School is an educational project that encourages everyone in the school context to break down barriers and use diversity in the classroom as a positive resource and individual strength.

Teachers are equipped to actively work with the topic of diversity. This leads to a positive coexistence in which learning is possible for all.

In the Learning Circle, the motto is “Learn today for a self-determined tomorrow”. This digital 1:1 learning support enables all students to receive the best support.

Selected learning coaches help middle school students to master academics, grow personally and (re)discover their curiosity. The Learning Circle has already assisted more than 300 students in about 5,000 individual learning sessions.

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