How does wirkt. work?

A week at wirkt. starts for some in the home office, for others with a beautiful view in our office. We usually work as a team and it has become customary for most of us to work one, two or sometimes three days a week in the office. The common start is our check-in. We share weekend highlights and look at focuses for the upcoming week. These are as diverse as our group is. From an empowerment event with LANA Women, to a Diversity Breakfast at MTOP, to the selection of new Learning-

How did wirkt. come about?

Six years ago, Lisa-Maria, Julian and Nina founded their first social venture – MTOP. Since then, MTOP has accompanied over 400 people with a refugee and migration background on their way into the labour market. Besides MTOP, we have seen many other social challenges that have stuck with us. We wanted to become effective and MTOP was growing – LANA, the Culture School and the Learning Circle were born.

Why Social Business?

It is not simply about helping. When we talk about impact, we think about effectiveness, measurability and questioning whether our work achieves the outputs with the greatest positive effects. This sounds simple, but it determines and influences many discussions in our daily work. Moreover, impact is not as easily quantifiable as profits. That makes it more complicated. Some of the tools we are using in our work are for example the Impact Staircase, the Theory of Change or the Social Business Model Canvas.